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Lower odor and TVOC PP-g-MAH Compatibilizer

Fine-Blend® CMG5701 is a newly-developed PP-g-MAH compatibilizer based on LFT-PP process with lower odor and TVOC(As shown in Tab.3 and Fig.8). CMG5701 has lower MAH and other low molecule residual to meet the harsh requirement of LFT-PP production process.

Tab.1 Comparison of grafting ratio and residual ratio of PP-g-MAH in different manufacturers

Note: 1. Test method of grafting ratio: Acid-base titration;

           2. Residual ratio calculation formula: Residual ratio = (Total MAH— Grafted MAH)/ Total MAH

Fig.1 The TVOC comparison of CMG5701 and competitive products

Application cases

Case1: The TVOC comparison of CMG5701 and competitor in LFT-PP composites

Fig.2 The TVOC results of CMG5701 and competitor in LFT-PP

The TVOC results in Fig.2 obviously showed that CMG5701 have lower TVOC,and also the emission of harmful gases is lower than competitor.

Case2: CMG5701 could improve production efficiency and reduce defective rate in LFT-PP composites

Fig.3 effect of CMG5701 on production efficiency and defective

Fig.3 shows that CMG5701 could not only improve production efficiency,but also reduce defective rate at the same time.

Notes: These are typical properties only and are not to be construed as specifications.

Recommended Dosage

1-5%, can be adjusted according to the practical situation.

Processing guidelines, package & storage and safety information

Please refer to the product SDS

[ TDS ] [ ROHS ]

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