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PC and ABS is partly compatible, while the SAN part of SAG is compatible with ABS and the GMA part can react with PC. As a result, the ABS disperse more uniformly in PC, bring in more uniform impact strength data and better comprehensive performance.(SAG-002


Modified PP

The PP-g-MAH can improve bond property of PP and filler, such as glass fiber, talc, by reaction between MAH and –OH,-NH2,etc. on the surface of filler. CMG9801 with high graft level and little catalyst residual can efficiently improve mechanical performance of PP/GF, and has good heat resistance.  CMG5701 used in PP/GF or PP/LFT has lower smell level and fewer TVOC.



SAG-002 is used in ABS/PET to improve dispersion of PET in ABS by reaction, the better phase state bring in better mechanical performance.



SAG-002 is used in ABS/PBT to improve dispersion of PB in ABS by reaction, the better phase state bring in better mechanical performance.


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