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Technical team

Chairman: Mr Xin, senior engineer, EMBA, has been devoting himself to R&D and management of compounding industry.


Executive General Manager: Mr Kim, coming from South Korea, worked as R&D engineer and market development engineer more than 20 years in KKPC and Korea BASF. He has rich experience in polymerization and modification industry.


Technical Advisors:

Professor Sakai, a former president of the Society for plastic molding, international Polymer Processing Society (PPS) president, famous for twin screw reactive extrusion processing technology;

Professor Anna Zheng, East China University of Technology, doctoral tutor, the main study on twin-screw extruder, bulk polymerization, and polymer mechanical properties, processability, the relationships between surface properties with molecular structure and processing.


R&D and Sales Team: more than 65% with middle or senior professional titles and graduate degrees.