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Wanna higher cost-performance?

More and more global compounding companies choose Fine-Blend® functional polymer.

The leader of the biggest market - Greater China.


Our Footprint


In 1996,the first volume production of grafted compatibilizer in China.

In 2011,Nantong sunny was founded,and also become the first company being able to produce compatibilizers through polymerization technology in China.

In 2013,polymerized compatibilizer was successfully put into production in Nantong plant.

In 2015,the company officially changed its name to "Fine-Blend Compatilizer Jiangsu Co.,LTD ".

By 2016,our production capacity reaches to 10,000 t/a,more than 40% of the products are exported aboard,such as Europe,America,Japan,Korea, Southeast Asia,et al.


Our Technology platform

Fine-Blend owns two technology platforms,one is the polymerization technology platform,which can design compatilizer with different structures independently,the other is the application evaluation platform,which can offer practical data of compounding polymer with compatilizer.

At present,Fine-Blend is the only one who owns both upstream polymerization platform and downstream modification platform at the same time,so we are more professional in compatilizer field.

Firstly, we clearly know downstream customers' needs, being able to design suitable compatilizer for them.

Secondly,our products can be completely evaluated before delivered to customers,avoiding possible risks.