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ABS、PC used masterbatch carrier

Product Introduction

Fine-blend® EMI-100 owns high mobility and good wettability. On the one hand, it can improve the dispersion of the toner in the resin to solve the problems which caused on terminal products such as pitted surface, color difference and surface gloss decline due to uneven dispersion; the other hand, it can enhance the amount of toner which added in masterbatch. It is the best carrier of high concentration masterbatch for PC or ABS materials.

Mechanism and Advantage

EMI-100 has the high fluidity that commercial available SAN resin does not have. Therefore, as the toner carrier, it can reduce the resistance of the toner moving in the resin during the molding process, and toner is easier to be distributed throughout the resin base. EMI-100 and toner infiltration is good, help the toner evenly dispersed, and reduce toner aggregation. At the same time its beaded aggregation state structure, is conducive to mixing directly with the toner.

Application Case

Case 1.Application of EMI-100 in masterbatch of titanium dioxide/ABS

A customer has been plagued by pitting, toner reunion phenomenon from downstream injection parts of water dispenser tank, which was made of an industrial high flow universal ABS resin and titanium dioxide; The re-injection molding parts with smooth surface, uniform color were obtained after replacing half of ABS to EMI-100

Fig 1.Application of EMI-100 in masterbatch of titanium dioxide/ABS


Case 2. Application of EMI-100 for PC masterbatch

PC has a higher demand for carbon black masterbatch carrier due to its acid, alkali sensitivity and high viscosity. 

Now the market common masterbatch carrier PE wax, POE etc., may cause precipitation, silver and other problems when used in PC material. With PC as masterbatch carrier, although the compatibility has improved, but because of its high viscosity, the toner is difficult to distribute evenly in the resin, prone to pitting, color unevenness.

The use of high mobility SAN as a carrier can effectively solve these problems with little effect on mechanical properties. As a low molecular weight SAN, EMI-100 has good compatibility with PC and high fluidity. It can be used as carrier of carbon black masterbatch for PC to reduce the pitting in forming and improve the color. 

Figure 2. Different carrier carbon black masterbatch used in PC color silver surface conditions: a, POE carrier; b, PS carrier; c, Universal SAN carrier; d, EMI-100 carrier

Note 1: - means no, * means a small amount, ** means more, *** means very much

Table6 can be seen that the use of SAN  as carrier of carbon black, can effectively solve the silver, pitting problems by POE, PS and other carriers and tinting power higher. In the carrier using EMI-100, the colorability in the PC is higher and the impact strength is higher than that in the ordinary SAN.


Recommended dosage

Instead of 10-50% of the original ABS or AS a carrier

Processing Guide, packaging and storing security information

Please refer to the product SDS.

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