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ABS, PC/ABS flow improver

Product Introduction

 Fine-Blend® EMI-200 provide efficient rheology effect for polystyrene products such as ABS, fire-retardant ABS, PC/ABS to obtain good processing perform and mechanical properties.

Mechanism and Advantage

The EMI-200 is a low molecular weight styrene acrylonitrile copolymer (SAN).Compared with the normal SAN, it has high mobility and thermal stability, which can be used for a variety of needs to improve mobility. Compared with other high flow SAN, it has higher thermal stability. The following is two kinds of high flow SAN (MI> 10g / 10min, 200℃× 5kg)

Fig 2.Thermo-gravimetric curve of EMI-200 and imported high flow SAN under N2 at 230 ℃

As can be seen from Fig 1 and Fig 2, EMI-200 has lower molecular weight. Its melt index is 3-5 times that of other high flow SAN, but the thermal weight loss curves showed that the thermal stability of EMI-200 was better than other SAN in a nitrogen atmosphere at 230 ℃, which was associated with EMI-200 made ​​by the polymerization in suspension had a narrower molecular weight distribution compared with the high flow SAN made ​​by bulk polymerization. It indicates that the low molecular weight component less, the heat stability better.

Application Case

Case1. Application of EMI-200 on the flame retardant ABS

(1) EMI-200 increases flow ability of flame retardant ABS

As show in Fig 3, after adding 5 parts of EMI-200 in flame retardant ABS, the melt index of the product was up to nearly 20%, which was favorable to improve the processing performance of flame retardant ABS, broaden retardant materials processing window, suppress decomposition of flame retardants due to strong shear.

(2) EMI-200 increases thermal stability of flame retardant ABS

As show in Fig 4 and Tab 1, it can be seen that after addition of EMI-200, the color difference of flame-retardant ABS is reduced after retention for 5min and 10min at 220 ℃. As is well known, one of major flaws of flame-retardant ABS is poor processing stability in the presence of a large number of flame retardants, which is easy generated degradation, discoloration and other problems, particularly in injection molding with large size and complex structure. The EMI-200 can effectively reduce the viscosity of the resin and decrease friction and heat generated by the shear flow in the process to suppress the degradation of heat-sensitive brominated flame retardants, as a result, enhancing the thermal stability of flame retardant ABS.

Case 2.EMI-200 enhances gloss value of high-gloss ABS

As can be seen in Fig 5, the high and low temperature cycle test was carried out to monitor the change in gloss retention with 90℃×2h - 40℃×2h, RH = 70% for a period. After the addition of EMI-200, gloss retention was higher than the original EBS formula after 2 cycles. EBS is a low molecule lubricant, which is likely to precipitate and migrate to the surface of the article. The surface gloss of article decreased under high temperature and high humidity conditions. After instead of part of EBS to EMI-200, gloss surface of the article was enhanced significantly.

Recommended dosage


Processing Guide, packaging and storing security information

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