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Styrene - maleic anhydride polymer coupling agent

Product Introduction

Fine-blend® SAM-020 can provide excellent coupling solution for AS/minerals (GF) composite materials to enhance the mechanical strength of composite materials.

Mechanism and Advantage

Fine-Blend® SAM-020 is styrene-maleic anhydride binary random copolymer. It has the characteristics of high content of maleic anhydride and high reaction activity.

Fine-Blend® SAM-020 is a high maleic anhydride content polymer coupling agent with high chemical activity. In the extrusion process, maleic anhydride can react with polar groups on the glass fiber (mineral) surface to form a "core (glass fiber) - shell (SAN resin) composite structure" in situ, as a result, increasing the dispersion of the glass fiber in the matrix resin. Such chemical bond can effectively strengthen the interface adhesion, increase mechanical strength of composite materials (external stresses transfer to glass fiber surface by covalent bond stress, makes glass fiber be the main receptor of stress).

Application Case

Case 1.SAM-020 improved the mechanical properties of AS / GF

As shown in Fig 1. after the addition of SAM-020, the mechanical properties of the AS/GF system increased significantly. According to the different system, we recommend selecting corresponding compatibilizer. For AS system, dualistic structure of SAM-020 is more suitable, because the content of maleic anhydride groups is as high as 20%, which can fully react with polar groups of glass surface to improve the adhesive force between the glass fiber and resin, thus improving the mechanical the performance of AS/GF composite material.

Recommended dosage

2-5%, can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Processing Guide, packaging and storing security information

Please refer to the product SDS.

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