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Styrene-acrylonitrile-maleic anhydride polymer coupling agent

Product Introduction

It can provide coupling solutions for glass fiber or mineral reinforced ABS, AS, PA/ABS composite materials, to improve the interfacial adhesion performance, improve material overall performance.

Mechanism and Advantage

Fine-blend® SAM-010 is a styrene-based polymer coupling agent containing maleic anhydride.

SAN portion of the Fine-blend® SAM-010 can be completely compatible with the ABS part. Meanwhile, Coupling reaction can be accomplished by chemical reaction of the maleic anhydride and polar groups such as a hydroxyl (-OH) on surface of glass, slag, producing a similar "core- shell structure ". As a result, the surface polarity of materials greatly reduce, thus enhancing the wettability between fiberglass and resin, which can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the composites.

Application Case

Case 1. SAM-010 improves the mechanical properties of ABS/GF

As shown in Fig1 and Fig 2, it showes that after adding of SAM-010, mechanical properties of the ABS/GF was significantly improved, which was associated with ternary structure of SAM-010 was fully compatible with ABS, meanwhile high active maleic anhydride could react with polar groups on the surface of fiber glass to improve the adhesion between the resin and fiber glass, as a result, enhancing the mechanical properties of ABS/GF

Case 2.SAM-010 improves the interface compatibility of PA/ABS 

The solubility parameters and polarities of PA phase and ABS phase differ greatly. The rubber phase is composed of a large number of tiny particles randomly dispersing in the PA base, and the interface between the two phases is clear (see Figure3 left). After the addition of 5% SAM-010 (see Figure. 3 right), the particle size of the dispersed phase significantly reduced, the interface fuzzy, the typical characteristics of ductile fracture exhibit on the cross-section, indicating that two phases are good compatibility.

As shown in Fig 4, after the addition of 5% of SAM-010, notched impact strength of PA/ABS increases by 500%. It indicates that good compatibility can be obtained by using SAM-010.Generally, increased interfacial adhesion helps to improved mechanical properties.

Case 3. SAM-010 improves the mechanical properties of PA / ABS / GF

Fig 5.Effect of SAM-010 on tensile and impact strength of PA/ABS/GF (45/27/28)

As shown in Fig 5, after the addition of 4% SAM-010, tensile strength and notched impact strength of PA/ABS/GF increase by 22% and 38% respectively. The tensile strength of PA/ABS /GF composite is also increased to some extent. It indicates that good compatibility can be obtained by MAH groups reacting with the polar group on the glass surface to improve the adhesion between the glass fiber and the resin.

Recommended dosage

2-5%, can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Processing Guide, packaging and storing security information

Please refer to the product SDS.

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