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Fine-blend won the third prize of the first National New Materials Innovation Co

2023-09-06 12:27:07   Source:    Views:

Recently, the first National New Materials Innovation Competition was successfully held in Beijing. The purpose of this competition is to promote the innovation and application of new materials technology and promote the development of the new material industry. After fierce competition, a team from Shanghai won the third prize.

It is reported that more than 200 teams from all over the country participated in this competition, covering many fields such as high polymer materials, nanomaterials, biomaterials, etc. After several rounds of competition, including preliminary contests, semi-finals, and finals, 30 excellent teams stood out and won awards.

The team that won the third prize was composed of researchers and technicians from Fine-blend polymer (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.. They developed a new type of high molecular material - degradable plastic. This material has good degradability and mechanical properties, and can replace traditional plastic products, reducing environmental pollution. The team showcased their research results and application prospects during the competition, receiving unanimous praise from the judges and audience.

According to the team members, they encountered many difficulties and challenges in the research process, but through continuous experiments and exploration, they achieved this result. They said that this competition is not only an opportunity to show themselves but also a learning and communication opportunity. They will continue to work hard and make greater contributions to the development of the new material industry.

The successful holding of this new materials innovation competition not only provides a platform for researchers in the new material field to show themselves, but also injects new vitality into the development of the new material industry. It is believed that in the future, we will see more and better new materials emerge, bringing more convenience and innovation to human production and life.

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