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Fine-blend project is finalists in the Innovation Competition of Shanghai

2023-09-06 09:13:37   Source:    Views:

  Recently, the first Shanghai Young and Middle-aged Engineer Innovation Competition was held in Pudong New Area. The competition, jointly organized by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Shanghai Youth Federation, and Shanghai Youth Federation, aims to promote scientific and technological innovation and the development of engineering technology, and stimulate the innovative enthusiasm and creativity of young and middle-aged engineers.


After fierce competition, 20 teams from all walks of life finally entered the finals. The contested works cover many fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, biomedicine, etc., demonstrating the innovative strength and technical level of young and middle-aged engineers.

On the final stage, the contestants demonstrated their works to the judges through PPT presentations and physical displays. The judges evaluated and scored them based on multiple aspects such as innovation, practicality, market prospects, etc. The project from Fine-blend® "A novel eco-friendly chain-extender" was involved as well.


It is reported that this competition is the first innovation competition for young and middle-aged engineers in Shanghai, aiming to provide a platform for young and middle-aged engineers to show their talents, promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading. In the future, Shanghai will continue to increase support for scientific and technological innovation and engineering technology, providing more opportunities and platforms for the growth and development of young and middle-aged engineers.

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