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Fine-Blend® SAG is a functional polymer containing reactive epoxy groups. According to the content of epoxy groups, SAG is divided into SAG-002, SAG-005 and SAG-008.

Grades Benefits&Features Downloads
SAG-002 SAG-002 can improve thermal stability and phase state of PC ABS, and improve compatibility and mechanical properties of ABS+PBT, ABS+PET alloys, P... TDS ROHS
SAG-005 SAG-005 can effectively prevent excessive ester exchange reactions in PC+PBT, PC+PET alloys It can enhance thermal and anti-hydrolysis stability and mechanical properties of polyester alloys by terminated end group reaction effectively TDS ROHS
SAG-008 SAG-008 is a reactive chain extender with high epoxy content and higher reaction activity TDS ROHS