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Polyester alloys thermal stabilizer and anti-hydrolysis stabilizer

PProduct Introduction

SAG-005 can effectively prevent excessive ester exchange reactions in PC/PBT, PC/PET alloys. It can enhance thermal and anti-hydrolysis stability and mechanical properties of polyester alloys by terminated end group reaction effectively.

Mechanism and Advantage

Fine-blend® SAG-005 is a kind of reactive compatibilizer with relatively high epoxy content. SAG-005 can react with terminal group (-OH,-COOH) of polyester. This coupling reaction improves the thermal and anti-hydrolysis stability of polycarbonate alloy.

Application Case

Case 1.SAG-005 improves the thermal stability of PC/PBT

PC/PBT materials with and without SAG-005 were added into the injection molding machine at 250 ℃ for 10 minutes before injecting a board to simulate the condition of large products requiring long injection cycle. According the silvers condition on the surface of the boards, judge the PC/PBT thermal stability.

Fig.1 SAG-005 improves the thermal stability of PC/PBT (250℃ after 10 min)

As shown in Fig 1, the surface of PC/PBT without SAG-005 had a lot of silvers at 250℃ after 10 min. Meanwhile, after adding SAG-005, there are not any silver. It shows SAG-005 can significantly enhance the thermal stability of PC/PBT.

Case 2. SAG-005 improves the thermal stability of PC/ABS

(1) SAG-005 improves the thermal stability of PC/ABS

Fig 2.The influence of SAG-005 on PC/ABS surface silver after heat retention (260 ℃× 10min)

    As shown in Fig 2, without SAG-005, there are a lot of silvers on surface of the sample after heat retention at 260 ℃ for 10min. Meanwhile, with addition of 2 % SAG-005, there are not silvers on surface of the sample. It indicates that SAG-005 can effectively enhance the thermal stability of PC/ABS.

(2) SAG-005 enhances the impact strength of PC/ABS

As shown in Fig 3, with 0.5% and 1.0% of the SAG-005, low-temperature impact strength of PC/ABS increases by about 13% and 20%. It shows that SAG-005 can further optimize the impact performance by improving PC/ABS microscopic phase.

It should be noted that the higher the amount of SAG-005, there will be a negative effect on the PC/ABS surface gloss.

Case 3. SAG-005 improves the compatibility and weld line strength of R-PC/ABS 

Fig 4. The effect of SAG-005 on mechanical properties of R-PC/ABS

As shown in Fig 4, with 1.5% of SAG-005, tensile strength of R-PC/ABS is essentially the same. Meanwhile, the breaking elongation increases by more than 400%. The sample fracture mode shows ductile fracture. Notched impact strength increases by more than 40%.It indicates that SAG-005 can effectively increase the toughness of R-PC/ABS.


Fig 5. Effect of SAG-005 on the processing performance and weld marks tensile strength of R-PC/ABS.

As shown in Fig 5, after adding 1.5% SAG-005, melt index of R-PC/ABS decreases nearly one fifth, however, the weld line strength of R-PC/ABS increases nearly 20%. It indicates that SAG-005 can effectively enhance the interfacial bonding strength between PC and ABS phase, as a result, improving the compatibility of the two phases.

Recommended dosage


Processing Guide, packaging and storing security information

Please refer to the product SDS.

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