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Biodegradable plastic chain extender


What is it?

Due to poor ester group stability, biodegradable materials(eg: PLA &PBS) are prone to generate more -COOR and –OH under wet, hot and shear conditions, while high concentration of end groups can further promote degradation.

Bio-MasterTM can efficiently seal polyester end groups, prevent uncontrolled degradation caused by active end groups, increase molecular chains and system viscosity, meantime meet the needs of more processing technology.


Case: Application of Bio-MasterTM in chain extension of PBAT

Bio-MasterTM SG-20 can increase the melt strength of biodegradable materials (such as PLA, PBAT, PBS), improve the mechanical properties, processing stability of the materials, and meet the requirements of various processing (such as foaming and blowing film) without affecting the biodegradability of the materials.



             PBAT                                        PBAT+1%SG-20                                    PBAT+1.5%SG-20 

Note: This chart is based on customer data


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