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Fine-blend® Reveals the New Carbon Reduction Strategy of Plastics in "CIC”

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    On March 29,2024, at the highly anticipated Compounding Innovation Conference, Fine-blend's R&D manager Zhu Congshan delivered a keynote speech on "How to Achieve Carbon Reduction and PFAS Environmental Protection in Plastic Formulations through Additives?" This exciting presentation not only deepened the participants' understanding of Fine-blend's polymer technology strength, but also provided new insights and directions for the sustainable development of the plastics industry. The successful hosting of this Compounding Innovation Conference provided a platform for Fine-blend Polymers to showcase its innovative achievements in environmental materials.



    During the presentation, Zhu Congshan detailed Fine-blend's latest research results in carbon reduction in plastic formulations. He pointed out that with the increasing global awareness of environmental protection, the traditional plastics industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Fine-blend has been committed to developing new additives to facilitate the transition of plastics from traditional manufacturing to green manufacturing. Without sacrificing product performance, they have developed various new additives that significantly reduce carbon emissions in the plastic production process. 



    Zhu Congshan emphasized that optimizing the use of additives in plastic formulations can effectively reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during production. He shared specific practical cases in this field, including a new processing aid that can improve the processing efficiency of plastics, thereby reducing energy consumption and waste discharge. In addition, this additive can enhance the stability and durability of plastic products, extending their lifespan.



    When discussing strategies for environmental protection against PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), Zhu Congshan proposed Fine-blend's innovative approach. He mentioned that PFAS are a class of chemicals widely used in various consumer products, but they are difficult to degrade and may have long-term effects on human health and the environment. Therefore, Fine-blend has developed a new alternative chemical that not only achieves the same industrial application effects but also significantly reduces the environmental impact during production and use.



    At this Compounding Innovation Conference, Fine-blend not only demonstrated its profound strength in materials science but also showcased the company's commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. His sharing provided valuable references and insights for colleagues in the plastics industry, encouraging the entire industry to continuously explore and advance in the research and application of environmental materials.



    In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, Fine-blend will continue to be guided by innovation, providing more innovative thinking and solutions for breakthroughs in the field of plastic modification, and contributing to sustainable development and our social responsibility.Better for the Earth, better for children!



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