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Fine-blend was honored with the Outstanding Project Award

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After intense competition, the 2023 BRICS Industrial Innovation Competition successfully concluded in Xiamen. The BRICS Industrial Innovation Competition is an international event aimed at promoting technological innovation and cooperation among BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). With the theme of "Innovation, Cooperation, and Win-Win," the competition encourages participants to showcase their talents and exchange experiences in the field of industrial innovation, providing a platform for showcasing innovative achievements and exchanging ideas.

A total of 1346 projects were submitted to the competition, resulting in outstanding projects and organizational units. After initial evaluation by experts, final presentations, joint deliberations by experts, and approval by the organizing committee, 33 projects were awarded first, second, and third prizes, as well as the Rising Star Award. Additionally, 57 projects received the Outstanding Project Award, and four organizations were recognized with the Outstanding Organization Award. These works not only demonstrate the excellent achievements of BRICS countries in industrial innovation but also provide new ideas and directions for global industrial development.

In this contest, Zhu Congshan (Research and Development Manager of Fine-blend), led his team and participated with their research project titled "Eco-friendly High-performance Solventless Thickening Agent." They were honored with the Outstanding Project Award. The project developed an eco-friendly high-performance solventless chain-extender that innovates in two aspects. Firstly, it has higher molecular weight, is easy to use, and exhibits more significant chain-extending effects. Secondly, it produces an eco-friendly chain-extender using a solventless formula, reducing the volatilization of harmful substances and minimizing environmental pollution.


The eco-friendly high-performance solventless chain-extender targets the recycling and utilization of waste polyester materials (including rPBT, rPET, rPC, rPA) as well as functional modification and application of biodegradable materials such as PLA and PCL. It will play a positive role in further promoting plastic recycling, high-performance recycling of marine plastics, and reducing carbon emissions.


The successful conclusion of the 2023 BRICS Industrial Innovation Competition marks a new step forward in the collaboration of BRICS countries in the field of technological innovation. Going forward, BRICS countries will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in industrial innovation, collectively driving global industrial development and making greater contributions to the progress of human society.


Fine-blend® will also continue to adhere to the direction of green recycling, conducting in-depth research and continuous innovation to create value for society and customers!


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