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Toughening Agent for PBT and Its Alloy 

Product Introduction

Fine-Blend ® SOG-02 is a POE-g-GMA product, due to the reactivity of GMA higher than MAH, it can effectively improve the notch sensitivity of polyester material. The toughening efficiency of SOG-02 is same as E-MA/BA-GMA terpolymer, however, because of its unique molecular structure design, when used in polyester material, the former was better on processing fluidity, this can reduce processing defect of product and enhance productivity.

Mechanism and Advantage

GMA was grafted to the main chain of ethylene elastomer, so SOG-02 has high reactivity with the terminal carboxyl group of polyesters material; therefore, it can achieve the goal of increasing toughening and compatibility. Product structure diagram is as follows:

Physical and Chemical Properties of Fine-Blend® SOG-02   

Test item

Test Method


Density g/cm3



1GMA level (%)

Acid-base titration

Very High

2MFR g/10min

ASTM D1238


HardnessSHORE A

ASTM D2240



Note: These are physical and chemical properties only and are not to be construed as specifications.

1Low <0.25%,Medium 0.25-0.5%,High 0.5-1.0%,Very High>1.0%

2Test condition:190℃,2.16Kg

Application Case

Case 1:  SOG-02 used in super toughening PBT has a higher liquidity

Fig.1 SOG-02 used in super toughening PBT has a higher liquidity

In toughening PBT, parallel adding SOG-02 with adding imported toughening modifier, all of them can achieve super toughening effect when adding amount of 20wt%, however, the processability of the former is better.


Case 2: SOG-02 improved the impact strength of reinforced PBT

Fig.2  Different toughening agents used in PBT/GF

Fig.3 The effect of different toughening agents on the MFR of PBT/GF

 a.3 %SOG-02         b. 3% E-MA-GMA       c. 3% E-BA-GMA

Fig.4 Influence of SOG-02 and other modifier on injection molding

As shown in Fig.2-4, adding 3% of SOG-02 can achieve the same toughening effect as competitor E-MA-GMA and E-BA-GMA in reinforced PBT (30% glass fiber), and the former fluidity is better. At the same temperature and pressure, only SOG-02 can be molded completely.

Case 3:  SOG-02 improved the impact strength of flame-retardant reinforced PBT 

Fig.5 SOG-02 improved the impact strength of flame-retardant reinforced PBT

Notched impact strength increased more than 50% when adding 2% SOG-02 or E-BA-GMA in flame-retardant reinforced PBT, in addition, the tensile strength decreased is not too much.

Note: These are typical properties only and are not to be construed as specifications.


Recommended Dosage

The conventional dosage of 2-5% and the super toughened system adding 15-20%, can be adjusted according to the practical situation.

Processing guidelines, package & storage and safety information

Please refer to the product SDS

[ TDS ] [ ROHS ]

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