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Recycle plastic chain extender


What is it?

As we all know, recycle plastic has become a global hot spot. For example, we need to think about how to keep PET plastic bottles away from landfill sites and relieve environmental pressure through high-quality recycling.

Recycled PET has been widely used to make fishing line, packing rope, recycled plastic bottles, textile fabrics and so on. This also provides a good reference for the high quality recycling of other materials.

Eco-BatchTM is a chain extender with high epoxy content. It has good adhesion and chain extender effect on the recycled polyester, and improves the processing performance.


Eco-BatchTM ECO-1120 can effectively improve the viscosity of polyester and polyamide materials (such as: R-PC,R-PET,R-PA), promote high-performance recycling of these materials, and reduce environmental pressure.


Case: Application of Eco-BatchTM in R-PET.

The characteristic viscosity of recycled PET increased with the increase of ECO-1120


Variation of the viscosity of recycled PET with the addition of ECO-1120


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