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Nylon General Toughening Agent

Application Case

Case 1:  The application of CMG5805 in toughening PA6 and PA66

Fig.1 The impact strength of CMG5805 and competitor in toughening PA6 and PA66

AS shown in Fig.1 that with 20% content CMG5805 can achieve super toughness level in toughing PA6, and the impact strength is higher than competitor. The impact strength of CMG5805 in toughing PA66 is almost the same with competitor. (The viscosities of PA6 and PA66 in experiment are 2.45 and 2.7, respectively.)

Case 2:   The application of CMG5805 in glass fiber reinforce PA6 and PA66

Fig.2 The effect of CMG5805 on the Impact strength of 30% glass fiber reinforced PA6 

Fig.3 The effect of CMG5805 on the Impact strength of 30% Glass Fiber reinforced PA66

The impact strength of PA6/GF or PA66/GF system with 7% CMG5805 and competitor are shown in Fig.2 and Fig.3. Compared with the competitor product, the impact strength of PA6/GF and PA66/GF with CMG5805 is slightly better. (The glass fiber is Jushi 988A in experiment)

Fig.4 The appearance change of CMG5805 and competitor under the condition of 180℃*8h

Compared with the competitor product (Fig.4), the color changing of CMG5805 after 8 hours thermo-oxidative aging in the oven is much smaller, indicated the excellent thermal stability. And also the PA6 and PA66 with 20% CMG5805 show higher flowability than the competitor product (Fig.5). The increase of flowability has a significant meaning in the improvement of producing efficiency and final products quality.

Fig.5 The flowability of CMG5805 and competitor product in PA6 and PA66 


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