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Special SAN:

ine-blend® EMI series is binary random styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer (SAN). It has the characteristics of low molecular weight and high flowability, which is available for styrenic materials, pigments, flame retardant and masterbatch carrier

Grades Benefits&Features Downloads
EMI-100 EMI-100 has the high fluidity that commercial available SAN resin does not have Therefore, as the toner carrier, it can reduce the resistance of... TDS ROHS
EMI-200 EMI-200 provide efficient rheology effect for polystyrene products such as ABS, fire-retardant ABS, PC ABS to obtain good processing perform and mechanical properties TDS ROHS
EMI-230B EMI-230B is particularly suitable for extruded sheet, blow molding, blistering ABS, ASA, PC ABS products It can help the material becomes even thinner, less defective product in the blow molding, extrusion molding process TDS ROHS